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2095 01/08/2005
Last Week's "Bin Laden Tape" Was A Fake, Dreamed Up By An Uneducated American Hack
Sam Hamod
The Last “Bin Laden Tape” Was a Fake (1.7.04) 664 words

Sam Hamod

The Bin Laden tape of last week was clearly a cheap fake. My proof is very simple, as a devout and devoted ultra-fundamentalist Wahabi Muslim, Bin Laden does not believe in kings, queens, princes or princesses. Thus, when this alleged “Bin Laden” called Zarqawi,
“the prince of Al Qa’eda”—it shouted, this is not Bin Laden. Bin Laden would never use these words, but some Hollywood or Pentagon or State Department hack might think it sounded good, as praise for Zarqawi. But in the very doing of this, it made clear that this tape was not Bin Laden.

So why was this tape made? Obviously to be shown to the gullible American public.
Of course it’s always backed-up by the State Department and other American “experts” who claim the voice is definitely that of Bin Laden. The same was true of the other “Bin Laden tape” that came out just before the election and helped scare the American public into the arms of GW Bush. The problem with that earlier tape is that Bin Laden is left-handed, and the man in the tape gestured with his right hand! Not only that, but most people realize that Arabs, including the real Bin Laden usually gesture with both hands.

It is sad that our media people are as gullible as the public who believes them. There are no real reporters left on TV in America, they are but messengers for the mass media owners, the corporations who favor war because it fills their pockets with gold. The era of the Helen Thomas’, I.F. Stones, Mary McGrorys, the Sam Donaldsons is over—we now have the lap dogs who slather and salivate at the very thought of smiles and kind words from GW Bush and his media minions.

The reality is that we now have two myths that the American government keeps as their mantra—the Bin Laden tapes and the non-real Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi. As those of who are experts on the Arab and Muslim culture both are aware, the alleged Zarqawi on the American tapes does not have a Jordanian accent when he speaks Arabic. All major Arab linguists have pointed this out—but the American government, following in the footsteps of Joseph Goebbels of Hitler fame, continues their big lies about Zarqawi.

Also, they have created a computer mock-up of Bin Laden that they pull out when they feel it will help the Bush team. This fake Bin Laden mock-up is replete with the flaws I mentioned earlier because our media people are such amateurs do not recognize their mistakes because of their lack of cultural awareness.

So there you have it in a nutshell, these two (2) new tapes of Bin Laden are computer mock-ups with the wrong gestures, with language the real Bin Laden would never use, and the Al Zarqawi that is our number one enemy in Iraq is but an American created myth to justify the killing of thousands of women and children in Fallujah, Mosul and Baghdad. What is ironic about the Zarqawi myth and the terrible destruction of Fallujah is that even the U.S. military intelligence admitted that if Zarqawi was in Fallujah, he would have left at least two weeks before the bombardment of Fallujah began. This then raises the bigger moral question—if he wasn’t even there, then why kill all these innocent civilians? Obviously, our president and our military care nothing for the Geneva Conventions, and they have no fear of future war crimes trials.

Just like so much that comes from this administration, you can’t believe what you hear; now, you dare not even believe what you see when it comes from our government.

I know this is not the America the founding fathers envisioned.
We could use some truth, not more of these fake tapes and myths about enemies who do not exist.

Sam Hamod is a former advisor to the State Department; former editor of 3rd World News; he edits www.todaysalternativenews.com . He may be reached at shamod@cox.net